5 BEST RAMEN restaurant in Tokyo


5 BEST Ramen places where you can’t miss in Tokyo!

Have you ever tried Japanese Ramen?

If you are willing to try one, these are the places you gotta visit to eat best ramen in Tokyo!

For this page, I would like to recommend the restaurant except tonkotsu flavor.

These places are not as famous as IPPUDO or Ichiran for Japanese as well, but once I ate them, I thought I have to recommend to you guys because it’s too good to keep by myself.


Konjiki Hototogisu (Hatagaya station)

Shoyu ramen (say sauce flavor with sea food stock)


It’s such a small door for the ramen shop, but you can easily find the place because of the line for entering there.


When I went there, it was a day with thunderstorm.

But still, there were 5 people were waiting for ramen.

One of the reason of the line is because the inside is very narrow. There are only 8 seats and two cooks.


And of course the biggest reason of the line is the taste.


This place have got selected the Mislein Bib Gourmand for three years!

(Bib Gourmand is one of the section which you can enjoy the meal under 5000yen!

It’s for the place where they give us good quality and good cost performance.)


They do have English menu!


(Shoyu soba: 950 yen)



Menya Sho (Shinjuku station)

Shio ramen (salt flavor with a roasted pork fillet and vegetables)


(Shio Soba: 700 yen)
This shop is famous for Shio (salt) ramen.

The ramen they serve is called “the god of salt” by the ramen fans.
The soup is very clear, taste is not that salty but deep.

Motenashi Kuroki (Akihabara station)

Shio ramen (salt flavor ramen with a stewed chicken fillet, vegetables and a steamed tomato)



The most famous noodle here is also shio(salt) ramen!


The point is the topping and the noodle! They have a steamed tomato, a stewed chicken fillet with an olive, which are very unique for ramen topping!


Also, you can choose the type of noodle!


One is thin noodle, the other one is flat noodle. I ordered flat noodle! It’s like pasta or some kind of French meals because it looks very colorful and classy!

Here, they also have got the Mislein Bib Gourmand!

They have English Menu!

Takematsu Tokyo premium (Oshiage station)


Shoyu ramen (say sauce flavor with three kinds of roasted pork fillet, vegetables, and a seasoned egg)


Here, you can enjoy watching cooking!



The owner of here try to talk to customers a lot and show us how he cooks! It’s like a show!

I ordered Shoyu soba(say sauce flavor) but they have Shio soba( Salt flavor) and the limited menus for the day as well.


They close the shop if all the soup they prepared were finished!


(800 yen)





Toy box (Minowa station)

ramen (say sauce flavor with stewed chiken fillet)


It’s simple but deep Shoyu ramen.


They don’t serve much toppings compared to other ramen but it’s so enough to enjoy this ramen with one roasted chicken fillet because of the soup!


The soup is chicken base with shoyu( say sauce) flavor.


Which one did you like to try the most?

If you visit one of them, leave me a comment how you liked! ;D

11/23/2017 Tuna Rose