About me (Tuna Rose)

Hello guys, my name is Tuna Rose.

(Well, this is not my real name, of course.

But when I type my name in English, my iPhone automatically changes my name as Tuna.!!

First time I’ve noticed was when I sent e-mail to my professor.


I sent e-mail like “Sincerely, Tuna”…


Since then, my name has become Tuna by my friends!

Rose is part of my last name so I decided my name as Tuna Rose!)


I was born and raised in Japan for more than 20 years.

I like traveling the world, and exploring my country, Japan.

This blog is my travel journal, which, I hope, can help your journey make brighter!

If  you ever have a chance to visit Tokyo, pleasure to be your tour guide! ;D

Also, I do this blog for studying English as well. Please let me know when you find inappropriate or wrong expressions.


2017.11.19 Tuna Rose