Chocolate bar you gotta get in Japan


Do you guys know “Black Thunder Chocolate bar”?

This is something I recommend you to try in Japan.


What is Black thunder?

Black thunder is a chocolate made in Japan.
This name was created with the image of Power rangers series so that kids become interested in the chocolate and easy to get it.


How is the taste like?

It’s crunchy, and a little bit bitter with the cocoa flavor. Once I started eating, I couldn’t stop.

The different ingredients from other chocolates are rice-paff and cocoa flavored cookies. Both of them make the bar crunchier!
The mixed textures of rice paffs, cocoa flavored cookies and chocolates are superb!


How can we get it?

You can get it at convenience stores, supermarkets, and drugstores.

It’s about 40yen (like 40-60 cents) per each.


My friends from Taiwan were crazy about this. It has started to sell these in Taiwan since 2014, and it was sold out in a day that time.

Try this crunchy tasty Japanese Chocolate Bar! ;D


2017-12-16 Tuna Rose

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