Dashimaki burgers cafe in Kyoto


Japanese mordern café in Kyoto

Knot Cafe

This cafe is famous for Japanese style burgers!
Which are Egg roll burgers!

Egg roll burgers are little bit different and new.
This burger has Dashimaki egg.

What is Dashimaki egg?

Dashi means broth usually made from bonitos which is one of the Japanese style ingredients when you cook Japanese foods.
Dashimaki eggs are made normally for everyday bento box without any buns like this.

(This is what my mother made for my lunch.)


The new thing here is that they made the dashimaki eggs as an ingredients of hamburgers.

It does look a little weird first because it’s not in a usual style.

But it tastes really good. I could taste the strong flavor of  Dashi which matches to the buns.


If you know a lot about Kyoto, this cafe would be the next choice to know the new and modern style of Kyoto.


2017-12-24 Tuna Rose




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