Do you know Hamburg (Japanese style western food)?


What is hamburg steak in Japan?

It is like patty of hamburger with onions, eggs, and other vegetables (depending on the family or the restaurant).

But it’s juicer and thinner. We call it Hamberg (ハンバーグ) in Japanese.

This is one of western food with Japanese style.


Why is it called Hamburg?

It’s actually from the name of the city in Germany. It is said that the dish was from Hamburg and we started to call it Hamburg.

In Japan, if you say “Hamburg”, most people think about the dish. But in English, it’s not.


One time when my friend asked me my favorite food, I told her ” I like Hamberg.”

Of course she didn’t know about Hamburg steak in Japan, so she said “Oh, You like Hamburger! Okay, then Let’s grab some.”

Guys, “Hamburg” is something different from hamburger!


I didn’t even know that “Hamburg” was not English but Japanglish! 

Let me introduce some of Japanglish which is used for Japanese style Western food.

Omu rice(オムライス),


Curry rice(カレーライス),

Hayashi rice(ハヤシライス)

(Let me wirte down articles about other Japanese style western food in other time.)


Where can you try Hamburg?

This is the place where you gotta visit for trying Hamburg! 

Meat Yazawa @Gotanda

They serve Wagyu Hamburg.

Once you cut it, the gravy (meat juice) starts dancing.

(I got burned with the gravy haha)

This is the Hamburg I got at Meat Yazawa. (This is with cheese.)


This was the best hamburg ever in my life!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you eat Hamburg?

Most of the time, I eat it with rice. one-bite meat, one- bite rice.
The sauce (Japanese demi-glace sauce) for Hamburg is excellent with rice in your mouth.


Writing this article made me hungry and want to eat hamburg.

I will cook it for myself as today’s dinner!!!!!! !!!!!

2017-12-06 Tuna Rose

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