Hatsumoude(First visit to Shrines or Temples) in Japan


The new years day in Japan

Happy New Year!! ;D

How did you guys spend your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day?

Today , I would like to introduce about Hatasumoude(First visit to shrines or temples).


What is Hatsumoude (First visit to Shrines or Temples)?

It’s a first visiting to Shirines or Temple wishing healthiness,happiness and so on of New Year.
Of course you can visit Temples or Shrines anytime you want.

However, in Japan, people think that the first visit to Shrines or Temples in January is a special event.

Most people go to pray in the first three days of January.

Shrines? Or Temples? Which one should we go?

For the first visit of praying, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have any religion like Shinto or Buddhism.
For more information about Shinto and Buddhism, I’ll post the other page.

What kind of clothes should you wear to visit?

There is no strict restriction for clothes but sometimes you can see some people are wearing kimonos.

This year I wore my kimonos like this.

There are so many types of Kimonos. This is one type of Kimono called Furisode.

For more information about Kimono, click down below.

There are some temples and shrines in Tokyo which are really famous for first visit of the year.



If you have a chance to spend your New Year’s Day in Japan, be sure to try Hatsumoude! 😀

2017.1.9 Tuna Rose

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