Heaven for food lovers in Japan


Have you experienced “Depachika” ?

Today, I would like to introduce two of my favorite “Depachika”.


What is “Depachika”?

Depachika refers to a basement floor of a department store where the delicatessen sections are usually located.
“Depa” is an abbreviation of “Departmemt”. “Chika” means basements in Japanese. Depachika means a basement floor of the department  but we also use the word especially for DELICA section.

Depachika is like a heaven for people who like foods like me!


Normally we can get samples of sweets at Depachika if they have food tasting areas.
Also, you can get assorted sushi box or small packs of Onigiri and so on.

Let me introduce two of my favorite “Depachika”!


①The one in B3 and B2 Floor of Shibuya Hikarie.

They have so many kinds of deli foods and sweets here like sushi, salad, onigiri (rice balls) and so on.
They re-open here in 2016, and it became much larger than before.



②The one in the second floor of Solamachi (Shopping mall next to Tokyo Sky Tree)

It’s not actually at the basement floor but at the second floor of Solamachi. 
But I refer here as one of my favorite “ Depachika” because they have so many food tasting areas (which is like one of features of “Depachika”.)

Every time when I visit there, I tempted to get all the tastings which they give us. Even if I was hungry, I can make my stomach full with the free food tastings haha. 

I like cheese cake tasting at CHEESE CAKE GARDEN!


Why is “Depachika” so popular in Japan?

Because you can get anything there.

For example,
-you can get today’s your dinner in cheaper price than restaurant
-you can get souvenirs for others when you visit someone
-you also can treat yourself with better sweets than convenience stores.

They have foods like not too expensive, not too cheap.
It’s just exactly right for get something for others or treating. 

They also sell seasonal sweets and foods which you can enjoy not only eating but also watching it!


Why don’t you feel the different aspect of Japan by visiting Depachika? ;D


2017-12-05  Tuna Rose

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