Lucky cat temple in Tokyo


One of the interesting and unique style temple in Tokyo, which is called “Lucky Cat Temple”.



What is lucky cat?

Lucky cats are figures of cats raising their hands.


Lucky cat is believed that can bring a good luck to the owner.



Some of them raising right hands are said to invite money fortune.


The other of them raising their left hands are believed to invite customers!



Lucky cat is called “maneki-neko” in Japanese, which means “cat who can invite things”.

You can find it at shops and restaurants in Japan.

What is the lucky cat temple?

Lucky cat temple is called “Gotoku-ji”. Here is said one of the origin of lucky cats.


You can buy lucky cats here, and dedicate it to the temple with your wishes.


These are manekinekos(lucky cats) which visitors dedicated.

It’s Kawaii~<3


But It’s actually like this!!

Too much Kawaii ~!! haha

Of course I got one. I didn’t dedicate it, but i brought it to my house!


Well… I still haven’t got any boyfriend or money….haha

Uh I’m sure it will come next month! haha


Why don’t you go and add your manekineko with your wish? or get one and put it in your house for your success?


How you go there to meet manekinekos (lucky cats)


Shinjuku Station 

↓Take “Odakyu Line” which stops at each station.

Gotoku-ji Station





11.20.2017 Tuna Rose