Review of Gyukatsu by Japanese


I was wondering why Gyukatsu Motomura is so famous between travelers from other countries. 

This time, I tried to eat it and this is what I thought from my perspective.

What is Gyukatsu Motomura?

Gyukatsu Motomura is one of restaurants where they serve Gyukatsu.

Gyukatsu is deep-Fried Wagyu beef cutlets!

This restaurant is always very popular and famous between tourists.


Click here for checking the Website of Gyukatsu Motomura.

(They have 19 stores in Japan. 15 of them is in Tokyo.)


They even have a short video of Gyukatsu. It looks sooooooooooooo tasty.


And I thought 

“Why not trying to eat it by myself?”

Tried to eat Gyukatsu.

Me and my friend who raised in Japan and even didn’t know about it  tried to eat The “GYUKATSU”. 

Actually I have never been to Gyukatsu Motomura even if I live in Japan more than twenty years. 
I didn’t even know about Gyukatsu or Gyukatsu Motomura till my friend from Korea told me that she wanted to go there.

The Shop It tried was called “Asakusa Gyukatsu”.

I went to the one in Asakusa. It’s literally in front of Senso-ji Temple.

There was a line. There were about 15people. (TT)
I was about to stop being in line. 

But my friend said “We have to try. This is the reason we came here all the way from the other side of Tokyo.”

And we decided to being in line.
It was at 12:30pm.

The line didn’t move at all till 2:00pm. (TT)

Are you sure that this shop is open???!!!!!?!???

I was too hungry to be in the line. but I didn’t give up. oh…….

And finally we could enter there at 2:30pm.  (It took 2 hours.)

While I was going down the steps to the restaurant, I’ve noticed that the customer who were in front of us were finished eating and going outside.



Yes, there are only about 10 seats in that shop.
(That is why it took forever to enter there.)

HOWEVER once I enter there, I forgot that I was in the line about two hours.

Because the GYUKATSU are very soft, and crunchy,  and of course it’s TASTY!!!!!!!!!!

This is what I got.

Each of us can have a little grill, and we can cook by ourselves.

Like this.

We can eat it with wasabi, soy sauce or sweet sauce.

This is just so amazing.

It worths waiting for two hours…. 

I regretted that I didn’t know about Gyukatsu in last 20 years of my life…… !!!!! haha

When you have a chance to visit Asakusa, Why not trying to eat Gyukatsu at “Asakusa Gyukatsu”?

2017-12-04 Tuna Rose

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