Hiking and sightseeing at Mt.Takao


Hiking spot in Tokyo(Mt. Takao: Takao-San 高尾山)



Where is Mt. Takao (Takao San)?

Takao-san is a mountain in west side of Tokyo.

It takes about 1 hour from Shinjuku. It peaks at 600m.

It got three stars of Michelin Travel Guide!
Travel Guide Michelin


There are 7 trails for the top.
Check the trails from the official website. ( Keio Line official website )


In December, I went to Takao san for the first time.
I didn’t have any experience of climbing mountains. But it was enjoyable 😀


It’s more popular as sightseeing spot than as climbing.
You can even go to the top by cable cars as well!


Most enjoyable Trail (TRAIL NO.1)

This is the popular and easiest one.


While you are hiking, you can find shrines, restaurants and food truck streets.

The roads are organized. It’s not that hard to climb to the top.

Before arriving at the top, you’ll find the shrine called Yakuo-in. It’s a little bit hard to go up more than 100 steps.

But you are almost there. Keep going.

And yes! About 1 hour later, you will get to the top of Takao San.

The view from there is really pretty.


If there is no cloud in the sky and the weather is nice, you can see the Mt. Fuji.

It was good weather on this day, but I couldn’t see Mt. Fuji because of the clouds.

This trail is the most popular and enjoyable one.


The way I went to the top (TRAIL NO.6)

I didn’t know that there were 7 trails because I didn’t search about anything. oops

When I went there with my friends, we decided to go up by trail no. 6.

The reason is because the distance from the entrance to the top was the shortest and we thought it is the easiest one.


Jizo are smiling at us for starting the no.6 trail!

(We didn’t know this is the hardest trail at this time…..)


It was okay for thirty minutes to climb.


BUT after that, we couldn’t find the path!! we went against the flow of the river!!

There was no way but mountain path.

We had no choice but going forward. haha


After 2 hours, we could get to the top.

(Finally! Normally it takes about one hour to the top.)


And I’ve noticed that there are so many people who came here without any tools for climbing.


But when we were climbing the mountain path, most people we passed were with their mountain climbing tools. Also, their clothes were much more profesional like than people we saw at the top.

And I realized that we chose the most difficult trail.


Now I do have muscle pain. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO haha


But I don’t regret about it.


If  you wanna try hiking, try trail no.6! If you would rather prefer to enjoy sightseeing, enjoy trail no.1 ;D


2017-12-11 Tuna Rose 

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