Tokyo Banana(Japanese popular souvenirs)


What is Tokyo Banana?

Tokyo Banana is sweets which contains banana créeme with Banana paff.

This cakes do look like Banana!

When I was in the United States, my friends and host family loved it so much. One of my friends finished whole box of it (10 Tokyo bananas) in a day.
This is very famous souvenir not only between tourists but also between people who live in Tokyo. When people who live in Tokyo go back to their hometown, they tend to bring it to relatives.

Where can we get it?


-Terminal stations(like Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station and so on.)

-Tokyo Banana shop (Solamachi Tokyo skytree shopping mall).

At the Tokyo Banana shop in Asakusa, They have a factory inside.

The middle ones which have black dots are containing Banana chocolate créeme. The dots are like leopard-print.

Thery also have Tokyo Banana with star-printed. It’s too cute to eat. 


Try and get one ;D

2017-12-14 Tuna Rose

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