Take a pic with Tokyo tower and Zojo-ji temple


This is for one of the best spot for watching and taking a picture of Tokyo Tower!


What is Tokyo tower?

Tokyo tower is the statue of Tokyo which was built in 1957, and has opened since 1958.

Tokyo tower used to have a role as a broadcasting tower.

After Tokyo sky tree was built in 2012, Tokyo tower finished its role and the sky tree became the broadcasting tower instead.


Even Tokyo tower finished its role as the broadcasting tower, it’s been one of the symbol of Tokyo!


What is Zojo-ji temple?

Zojo-ji is a main temple of Jodo-shu (浄土宗: Pure Land Sect)!

This is the website of Zojo-ji.
About Zojo-ji Temple

From Zojo-ji, the scenery is like this.


At Zojo-ji, they held seasonal events sometimes.


For example, when I went there on July 7th, they held “Tanabata” (the star) festival like this.

You can feel the atmosphere of combine historical Japan with modern Japan at Zojo-ji Temple!


11/27/2017 Tuna Rose

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