Vegetarian Ramen in Tokyo


One of the Japanese food you gotta try when you come to Japan is



But they usually use porks or chickens extract for cooking ramen at most of the place.

But I found one ramen restaurant without using meats extract.

On this page, I would like to talk about a vegetarian ramen restaurant!


T’s tan tan (Tokyo station)

I got

White dandan noodles (850yen)

The soup is light, but it has the depth of flavor.
I couldn’t even believe that it doesn’t contain any meats extract.


So tasty ~ !! I was about to get another bowl of this.

My friend from Taiwan got

Vegetarian Tonkotsu (800yen)

Tonkotsu ramen usually means “pork bone broth ramen”.

But we found “Vegetarian ramen with tonkotsu flavor” here.

It was not that thick compared to the actual Tonkotsu, but you can feel how the tonkotsu like!

The taste is very similar to the actual one.

We can enjoy Tonkotsu without eating meats!!



This restaurant is at the inside of JR Tokyo station.

2017-11-25 Tuna Rose

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